VidMate App – A Complete Pack For An Entertainment Lover

So you are a movie buff, always hooked to exciting videos and constantly looking to download the latest songs? Go get the Vidmate App Download now! It has everything that an entertainment lover can ever ask for. The app allows you to download from the host sites and one can also download the files in different qualities including the HD version. With this app in your phone, there is much more you can do with it than just talking. Think of carrying your entertainer idiot box in your pocket, think of VidMate!

Why Download VidMate App?

Vidmate App

Vidmate is a great and an easy medium of downloading movies, videos, and songs and watching them without any interruptions as well. This entertainment package for Android devices lets you download unlimited videos, you heard us right-unlimited! The app also boasts of about 200 television channels and that too free. A kind of one-stop app for all your downloading needs, it is already popular among millions of people and being successfully used by them. VidMate supports all the kinds of formats and also allows the download of videos from popular sites like Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and a number of others. A complete online entertainer, you will never have to bother about getting bored with the VID mate app download on your phone.

Some Outstanding Features of VidMate App:

  • With VidMate, you can download a number of videos at the same time.
  • You will not have to worry about downloading large files. The app supports download of files that are as big as 1 GB and over.
  • A very helpful feature of the app is that it downloads the videos in parallel parts that help to increase the speed of downloading and you do not have to wait for long.
  • The downloading of a video can be easily deleted, paused or restarted as and when the user wants.
  • VidMate supports a number of formats like MPEG, MP4, MOV, AVI, FIV, WMV and many others.
  • VidMate will automatically find the link of the browser.
  • Since the downloading shows in the background, the user can conveniently continue with his work at the same time.
  • The app supports about 50,000 songs and that too in high quality.
  • In absence of storage space, there is an easy option to delete the videos.
  • Enjoy an uninterrupted experience with the videos, movies, and songs as there is no buffering.
  • The songs and movies can be downloaded in any regional language since they are supported by the app.
  • You can download recorded sports videos and also a number of television channels without any hazard to the app or your phone.
  • It can be easily downloaded in an offline mode thus, reducing the cost of data and giving you the convenience of watching at your desired time.


You can access the app at any time and enjoy its unlimited features. It gives you a freedom to entertain yourself without having to worry about the right time or right place.